Just Sold – 3921 Tahoe, Bridgeway Lakes, West Sacramento, CA

Congratulations Georgette!

SOLD: May 29, 2014

Neighborhood: Bridgeway Lakes, West Sacramento, CA

We helped Georgette purchase this home so we were honored that she called on us to list and sell it for her.  Utilizing various strategies we able her to hit her sales goal and do it in a relatively short time frame.

New Listing – 4901 48th Street, Sacramento, CA

New in Lawrence Park

ON MARKET: May 20, 2014

Neighborhood: Lawrence Park, Sacramento, CA


Great for the first time buyer or investor.  3-5 Bedrooms 2 bathrooms.  Spacious yard with detached garage.  Rooms rent for $575 each.

Urban Loft Living at it’s best!

Top 6 Sacramento Loft Style Homes

Sacramento has a diverse set of home type, Recently the desire to own an Urban Loft style home has been trending up. Check out our top 6 choices for Urban Loft Living below.

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Just Sold – 3900 12th Ave, Sacramento, CA

Congratulations Sophia!

SOLD: April 29, 2014

Neighborhood: Oak Park,  Sacramento, CA

Sophia had a very specific list of items she required for her first home.  We hit and/or exceeded every one!  With the re-gentrification efforts going on in Oak Park we were happy we found her a home that fit her needs and will be an asset in the future.  Glad you’re home Sophia!

Just Sold – 8382 Locust Rd.

Congratulations Mrs Fortson!

SOLD: April 18, 2014

Neighborhood: Riego Subdivision, Elverta, CA

Due to a change in their lifestyle, Mr. & Mrs. Fortson needed to sell their 2 acre ranch home in Elverta, CA. We listed the home for sale and got lots of calls and visits and multiple offers. However during the course of the inspection period it became apparent that a new roof and dry rot work would be required if were to meet the goal set for the net price the sellers wanted. After a two week rain delay, The team at Pride in Roofing got the job done in record time and we were able to sell the home for $30,000.00 more than we originally planned.

Online values & what they mean for you

Plenty of sellers have visited online home valuation sites such as Zillow, Trulia, eAppraisal, and others only to be shocked at the value of their homes.

Most sellers are pleased when the values appear higher than they expected, but many online valuations come in far lower.

Online Valuations

Estimating a home’s market value is far from an exact science. What these sites attempt to do is provide greater transparency to homebuyers and sellers by making data derived from public records, more…public. They publish what you paid for your home and how much you pay in taxes. Many have satellite views so accurate they can spot your cat laying on the front porch. Continue Reading..

Short Sales & Foreclosures; What you should know

Distressed Property

Short sales and foreclosures are the result of homeowners in distress. A “short sale” simply means the homeowner’s lender has given permission to the homeowner to sell the home for less than the remaining balance of the loan.

To accomplish this, the seller must show the lender why they are in distress, such as job loss or illness, or that home values have fallen to the point that the seller doesn’t have enough equity in the home to break even or sell at a profit. If the seller can show means to continue paying the note, it’s unlikely the bank will grant a short sale, but if it appears the seller is about to default, the bank may agree to a short sale in order to minimize its losses.Continue Reading..

CMAS & Appraisals; What are they? What do they mean?

Market Value

Establishing a home’s market value is equally important to buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate professionals so that transactions can proceed quickly and efficiently. A real estate professional may prepare a comparative or comprehensive market analysis (CMA) for their sellers to help them choose a listing price. The CMA includes recently sold homes and homes for sale in the seller’s neighborhood that are most similar to the seller’s home in appearance, features, and general price range.Continue Reading..

The 6 things that help to sell your home for top dollar

In a neighborhood of similar homes, why is one worth more than another? That’s the question that’s teased buyers and sellers for ages, but the answer is simple.

Every home is different.

When a home is sold, a willing seller and a willing buyer have just announced to the world the value of that home. From there, other similar homes are benchmarked, but other factors come into play. The most important are:

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