Home prices are up – are you fully covered?

Area home values are on the rise and that’s a good thing for you the homeowner. However make sure that your homeowner’s insurance keeps up with your homes value.

For instance when you bought your home you paid 200k. It’s now worth 400K but you never increased the insurance coverage. So now if there’s an event that affects your home, you’ll only be covered for 200K not 400K.

We recommend that you get a check up on your homeowner’s insurance at least twice a year.

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HOA vs. the Governor’s Drought Mandate

Can an HOA (home owners association) fine owners for not keeping their grass green?  No!, says the Governor.

The Governor’s Executive Order from April 25, 2014 explicitly suspended any enforcement and fines from Homeowners Associations that would prohibit water conservation measures. Some HOAs have rules about keeping grass green or a minimum number of days residents must water or similar rules. The key phrase in the Executive Order is ” I order that any provision of the governing document, architectural or landscaping guidelines, or policies of a common interest development will be void and unenforceable to the extent it has the effect of prohibiting compliance with the water-saving measures contained in this directive, or any conservation measure adopted by a public agency or private water company…” The link to the full Executive Order is below and the relevant paragraph is Directive 4, which can be easily found beneath the series of “Whereas,”. http://ca.gov/Drought/topstory/top-story…

Thank you PC for bring this to our attention.

Thinking of a Reverse Mortgage?: Think Twice

I have a friend whose mom got a reverse mortgage and is now rethinking that choice. I’ve done some research and here’s what I’ve found:

1. Reverse mortgages may not be a good fit if you plan to leave the home as an inheritance to your children.

2. Reverse mortgages have a higher interest rate than traditional mortgages and may come with unexpected fees.

3. Reverse mortgages may be difficult to get out of.

4. A reverse mortgage could be a good option under the right conditions

5.  A reverse mortgage requires a lot of thought and consideration before making the choice to move ahead with it.

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Offers Accepted!

Having  you offer accepted is one of the first steps to owning the home of your dreams. Its a big deal and it should be celebrated.  Today we celebrate these three:

Congratulations Awet & Tiffany


Congratulations Willie & Pamela


Congratulations Wonda

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